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Immunology and Cancer

"Only when immune boosting and immune recovery have been accomplished can a true immunotherapy of cancer begin."


Cancer is a serious illness that demands the highest standards of medical practice. For any treatment programs to be successful they should integrate all treatment modalities from conventional and alternative medicine to Eastern/herbal medicine. This is often termed comprehensive cancer treatment or alternative cancer treatment, even though only a portion of the cancer treatment utilizes elements from alternative medicine. The Immune Recovery Centers of America are comprehensive medical facilities utilizing the latest research discoveries of conventional Western medicine integrated with proven Eastern treatments and recent alternative medical developments. Some forms of immune therapy actually sensitize cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiation treatment, while use of chemotherapy and radiation before immune system therapy renders this therapy less effective.


The immune therapy of cancer involves more than immune boosting as is accomplished by IV vitamin C and natural products. These are important and are the first step toward immunotherapy. Correction of immune imbalances, such as the infamous CD4/CD8 ratio and overproduction of “suppressor” cells (often induced by the cancer itself) are a second step which the Immune Recovery Centers consider necessary for immune recovery. This second step is usually not recognized in some complementary medical approaches. Failure to include the second step means depending upon the boosted immune system to figure out what it has not been able to do in the past and to do it now..

IPT and Chemotherapy of Cancer

Cancer and chronic disease cannot exist in the presence of a fully functioning immune system.

Chemo agents are very unpopular with the majority of cancer patients, and rightfully so - the toxic side-effects are legendary. However, there are situations when conventional chemotherapy can make the difference between a successful surgery or no surgery at all, or life and death. Often it becomes a question between quality of life vs. an extension of life. Ultimately, this is the patient’s decision.

Much knowledge has been gained about chemo agents; some extended uses have been ignored, such as single low doses of some agents to assist in contrasuppression. Other information is less often used, such as administering lower yet more frequent doses to lessen the toxic effects. Least used and understood is the effect of insulin to potentiate the activity of the chemo agent(s).